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Transforming traditional processes with mobile technology

Project start: 2013 Q3
Launch: 2014 Q1

TL;DR What is TL;DR

This company could not quickly process completed service orders because service reports could not get to their back office fast enough (typically once a week).

Digital Transformation: Deploying mobile devices with a form-like mobile application for report submission made it possible for reports to reach the back office immediately after service completion.

Saving on transport costs to bring a physical report back to office, and the ability to process service orders immediately, the company saw a significant productivity improvement.


Cairnhill Metrology Pte Ltd provides industrial machine calibration services. Service engineers will conduct the service at their clients' locations, and then complete a service report by filling up a printed form.

Operating in various Southeast Asian countries, distance between clients' locations back to office could translate to a day-long travel time, limiting engineers to one job a day. So service engineers typically head to their office for report submission once a week.


The report has to be delivered back to the company's office to facilitate after-service process, which includes creating the invoice. Delay in the report submission sometimes mean the company could only bill their clients a week or more after the job has been completed.

Having the report hand written on paper also required the administrative task of keying the information back into the company's CRM.

Digital Transformation

The company commissioned a mobile application allowing engineers to complete their service report onsite, then immediately submit the report back to their back office via e-mail.

The mobile application is integrated with their existing CRM platform so engineers could associate a service report with the appropriate client simply by searching on their mobile device.

The solution also reduced human errors with form input validation, and attachment of images better reflected the machines' conditions.


The seamless data integration removed the need for manual data-entry of service reports, saving the company 160 man-hours a month.

Besides eliminating inefficiency costs, the ability to immediately complete after-service processing also significantly increased productivity.


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