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Project start: 2016 Q3
Launch: 2017 Q1

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A martial arts training centre's inefficient operational processes impedes the centre's ability to scale, due to traditional administrative practices and a lack of modern information management tools.

Digital Tranformation: Using a cloud-based Classroom Management System not only automated administrative tasks, but also opened up more opportunities for the business.


Sino Wushu Training Centre conducts weekly wushu classes for teenagers. Besides typical group classes, private training sessions are also provided especially for those participating in wushu competitions. Students typically sign up for a series of classes at a time. For example, signing up for 8 classes upfront would grant the student a significant saving as compared to paying for the classes individually.


The centre uses traditional tools to carry out administrative tasks. Excel spreadsheet (not even Google Spreadsheets) was the primary tool for information management, e.g. students' attendance, class schedules, and subscription balances. Besides being a single-point of failure, storing critical information on local file systems could result in multiple versions that is extremely confusing and costly to reconcile.

Payment for the classes was usually carried out in cash transactions or via cheque. A staff then have to issue a receipt, update the student's record and also accounting records, followed by banking in the cash or cheque. This was so much a time-consuming procedure that it was the primary motivation for the digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

A cloud-based Classroom Management System was implemented to automate various administrative tasks. The system consists of a mobile application for the students and coaches, as well as a web-based administration portal.

Integrated with a secured, PCI compliant online payment feature, students (or their parents) could make payment via the mobile application using credit cards. Payment information can also be stored securely for the convenience of subsequent payments.

A new credit-based system was introduced to provide greater flexibility. Instead of having to sign up for and commit to a series of classes upfront, students now purchase credits that can be used to sign up for a class of their preference later. This grants them the flexibility while still letting them enjoy the discount.



The credit-based system is fully accounted by the Classroom Management System, eliminating the need to keep a spreadsheet of subscription balances. The implementation of automated online payment also eliminated the need for cash receipts and the paper work involved. All these optimizations saved Sino Wushu Training Centre many man-hours of administrative work.


With the operational optimizations, the centre is better positioned to scale their business for more people interested to learn traditional martial arts.


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